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The Benefits You Can Get from High Emotional Intelligence Many people would call it a gut feeling but now the psychologists are calling such feelings as emotional intelligence or EI. Know that emotional intelligence is actually something like your IQ. Know that the IQ score doesn’t tell you about how much you know but such would tell your capacity to learn and comprehend. The EI is somewhat trickier to measure and there is a big deal of disagreement about how this should be done. But, the scientists may agree in general the people with high EI, which means that they can identify their own emotions and also the emotions of other people and tend to have particular behaviors. Here is a quick look of a few of those behaviors. One would be adaptability. You have to understand that developing emotional intelligence would permit a person to know the emotions as well as the motives of others and because of this, they are more willing to adjust or adapt to the situation than one who can just understand what they personally are feeling. You have to know that understand the emotions in other people is also a key leadership trait allowing the person with high EI to influence other people. Understanding the needs and the feeling would lend itself to developing the courses of action that will fulfill those needs and accomplish what the leader would want to accomplish.
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You can have emotional control with high EI. Those persons having high EI can understand their own emotions and they would also know them rationally. So when they would experience frustration, anger or fear, they are less likely to react to them instinctively and they are more likely to act in such controlled as well as informed manner.
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Moreover, one with high EI would mean that one is less impulsive. The high EI means bad news for those marketers who rely on impulsive buys. People with such high EI will not react impulsively but would check their feelings and make rational decisions without being interfered of that overwhelming emotional pull. Another great advantage of having a high emotional intelligence is that one can enter and sustain that strong and also fulfilling relationship. Getting to understand and also appreciate the emotions of others and not being driven by the me first need can lead to a more satisfying and also less conflictive interactions with the people around you. If you are interested about improving your emotional intelligence, then what you must know is that you should go for emotional literacy training courses. There are more information that you will be able to find as you go online and see where you will be able to take these courses.